Rabu, 03 Januari 2007


On December 31st 2006, we're supposed to move to our new house. Basically, not all the stuffs needed to move yet. Just few stuffs as "conditions" were needed to be taken such as : matrass, kerosene lamp, stove and broom. (This is the tradition of Javanesse people. I'm really into it because I'm not one. I'm Minangnesse)
My wife and mother in law, had asked a "orang tua" to find a 'good day' to move and he said, Monday, December 31st 2006 was the 'D' day. And we had to take those before hand stuff as "conditions" to state that we officially move to the new house.
For those who unaware, this tradition rather complicated and suck though. But whatever... I don't really care.

Monday, December 2006 was also Iedul Adha 1427 H, too. The day of sacrifice for Moslem all over the world. The peak of all the rites of Haji in Mecca and Medina, The Holy Land in Saudi Arabia.
We suppose to do sacrifice too, but all the budget were allocated to build the house. So I thought, as the leader of this little family, I decided not to sacrifice this year. My mom used to tell me, ... Son, to get the blessings from Allah, you should at least make a sacrifice for Iedul Adha yearly, for a never ending blessings. I said yeah... I feel it. Blessings shower me. Alhamdulillah.
But, as I said. This year was an exception 'cause of the building of the new house.
So as others do, we just pray at the nearby mosque altogether with all the people, eat some local cuisine (lontong etc.) and carried on packing stuffs await.
The chosen time was at 18.00. At that hour, we're permitted to enter the new house after my wife did some stupid rites as scattered some ground dirt around the house, pouring some water into the well. For me, those were as good as cited Shallawat Nabi three times.
Now we officially moved in our new house. In my heart, I always called this as "My Cage"

My Cage.
I my self designed this house. I drew this from the sketch in my office computer using CorelDraw in free time. A few changes had been made and a few designs had been drawn since the day bought the land. The land is 12 x 24 m/sq. It's quite cheap ye know for such rather wide space. I bought it just for IDR 10.5 mil.

Later more about My cage...